Workshops and Master Classes at the 8th Chania International Film Festival

Nine Master Classes and workshops, specially designed for his friends, announced the 8th Chania Film Festival that will take place this year from 21 to 31 October 2020.

  • “Strengthening the children’s voice. Talking about a democratic-humanistic education.” Animator: Aspasia Kalisora, Educator
  • “The scenarios in the cartoons”. Animator: Anastasia Dimitra, Animator, in collaboration with the educational organization AKTO
  • “Filming reality”. Animator: Irina Boyko, Director
  • “I participate in the jury of a film festival”.” Workshop Coordinators: Robby Exiel – Film Critic Member, Angelos Kovotsos – Director, Nikos Tzagarakis – Film Critic
  • “Creative Writing at School – Discovering the Enjoyment of Writing”. Animator: Stavros Grosdos, Dr. Audiovisual Literacy and Creative Writing in Education
  • “The Actor in the Cinema”. A conversation with actress Maria Tzobanaki
  • “The Small Adoptions in the Anthropocentric Dikimanter”.” Masterclass by director Stavros Psyllakis
  • “Answer: Democracy.” Animators: Maria Drakaki and Aristokritos Tomazinakis, Educators, in collaboration with the Museum of School Life of the Municipality of Chania
  • “Maze Marches”. Animators: Anna Nebavlaki – Teacher, Sofia Maria Xenaki – Visual Artist and Performer, Maria Drakaki – Educator, in collaboration with the Museum of School Life of the Municipality of Chania

The Masters Classes and workshops can accept a certain number of people and a priority order will be followed. Participation in all of them is EXCLUSIVELY upon relevant electronic APPLICATION.

You can view descriptions of the workshops and register online at:

This year’s rich program of the Festival can be watched by our friends all over Greece, online – in a protected environment – at www. .

Part of this program will be presented in the physical space of the Festival, the Cultural Center of Chania, daily 8.00 p.m. -10.00 p.m., as well as in special screenings that have been scheduled. In detail, there will be a special briefing in the coming days from the festival’s site.

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The 8th Chania Film Festival and its Educational Programs are under the auspices of: the Ministries of Culture and Sports, Education and Religious Affairs, Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organization.
They are supported by: the Representation of the European Commission in Greece, the Greek National Tourism Organization, the National Centre for Audiovisual Media and Communication, the Greek Film Centre.
Designed and implemented by the Cultural Society of Crete
They are co-organized by: the Region of Crete, the Regional Unit of Chania, the Cultural Center of Chania, the Municipalities of Chania and Platanias and the CFSP-KAM.
They are carried out with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
They have the synergy of the most important actors of Cinema, Culture and Education.

All the activities of the Chania Film Festival are free of charge and access to people with disabilities is ensured.

8th Chania Film Festival / Chania Film Festival (CFF)

21 – 31 October 2020, at the Cultural Center of Chania and online at the

Thank you for your cooperation!!!

The Press Office of the8th Chania Film Festival / Chania Film Festival (CFF)