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The Chania Film Festival comes home with one click!

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In these special and difficult circumstances that we find ourselves in, the Chania International Film Festival tries to keep in touch with its friends in a creative way.

Until 2 weeks ago, every Thursday in Chania, the Film Club of the Festival operated. Now, by necessity, we proceed to the creation of the Online club cineclub#stayhome .

We proceed to the daily screening of 9-9:30 pm of short films from our facebook page and our Youtube channel. We start a club with short films. Documentary, fiction, animation. Movies for young and old.

Films created by students and teachers of Chania in the framework of the educational programs of the Chania Film Festival and films created by students from all over Greece.

At the same time we will screen films by professional and amateur filmmakers from Greece and the world. Classic as well as contemporary films. Films that are given to us by the creators and their producers supporting the whole effort.

Meet at 9pm for a half-hour screening of selected short films from the festival’s facebook page and from its Youtube channel.


We start today with three favorite movies:

My Day / Alikianos High School / Duration: 11:50
The Box / Direction : Merve Cirisoglou Cotur / Duration 06:40
Fake News / Direction: Dimitris Katsimiris / Duration 14:59

Matthaios Frantzeskakis

Director of the Chania Film Festival

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