Night. A boy steals a car which stops outside a pharmacy. In the back seat, covered with a white sheet, there is a girl. The boy and the girl take a dreamy journey that will take them to the Milky Way.

We Welcome You

A group of five cyclists travel to Malawi to donate school uniforms to the children.

The Son of the Dog

John’s father is hospitalized in critical condition. On his way to visit him, Yiannis passes by his family home, where he realizes that the family dog is slowly dying. In the clinic, his father will give him a solution. John must decide if he is ready to part with him.


After the death of his best friend, Solomon embarks on an introspective journey in search of an answer that will banish his grief and fill the void he feels inside.

Passage to Europe

For 30 years, Fotis Psycharis has been teaching at an elementary school in the heart of Athens. All 17 of his students – Greeks and foreigners – dream of leaving Greece when they grow up to seek a better future in other European countries, which do not have their own Lesvos…

The Great Tomato

The “Big Tomato” is a diary. In it, the memories and dreams of the creator and the memories of Jason marry with the memories of Jason. The days were passing, and in March 2020 life changed….


Hamed’s father discovers that his son sells books as an itinerant on the street, beats him up and forces him to go to work at his stepmother Wedding Gowns Gallery’s store. There Hamed falls in love with a showcase doll.

Eva and Jane

Before the upcoming lockdown, Eve and Jane go out for one last walk

The Debt

The 1st EPAL and the 1st E.K. of Argos created a documentary dedicated to refugees and simple anonymous volunteers, who helped and help our uprooted fellow human beings.

The Scent

Sarah faces discrimination in her work environment, as well as her boyfriend’s fetishistic obsession. It must be released and moved on.

Die Antwort or When a Child Closes His Eyes

What if the children closed their eyes for a while and began to dream of the Journey…


Short documentary with “moments” from the life of Hanioti Manolis Mavrakis. Manolis has lived fifteen lives in one. He is 73 years old and a cyclist. He lives in the company of 16-17 cats, 1 dog and a bunch.

Spetses ’21: At the Crossroads of History

On the eve of the 200th anniversary of the revolution of 1821, the people of Spetses meet and converse, conveying to us the versions of history as it has survived through oral tradition, but also as it is rewritten through the continuous and thorough study of the evidence.

This is Right; Zak Life and After

The voices of the narrow and solidarity circle of Jacques Kostopoulos for him, life and the aftermath.

FAMU For Children

The FAMU Prague FAMU Film School, the Czech Centre of Athens and the Chania Film Festival present a series of the best short films, shot by FAMU students over the last ten years entitled “FAMU for children”.

Pile Poil

In three days, Elodie takes an exam to get her diploma in beauty treatment. Krzysztof’s father, who is a butcher, would like his daughter to help him more in the shop. But right now Elodie has to solve the issue of the model she will use to pass the exam… and it should be woolly.

Third Age Citizen

Theocharis, an old and lonely man, resorts every night to the hospital to spend the night on the benches and chairs of the outpatient clinics. Every morning he returns to his home, where his only companion is his cat and his memories.

The Void

And while everything was going well in her life, suddenly something happened and it turns things upside down. The trauma changes her and leaves a void. Whatever he does to heal this wound is futile. Eventually nature gives the solution.

Turtle Bay

Youth has this beauty that you can admire without understanding it.

Postcards from Elliniko

Pieces of life in the former Athens Airport, Elliniko, just before it became the casino. A couple at night in their car, a grandmother cleaning green beans, two passing gravediggers and other people seemingly unattached. Among them is a little boy, whose plane sticks to a towering palm tree. She will do anything to get