Watch the films of the 9th Chania International Film Festival!

Homeland I

Homeland is childhood says Roland Barthes and takes us to where memories build the first “place”. It is through these memories that the primary homeland of each one is constructed. Recalling childhood memories we perform a peculiar patriotism of the first and fundamental homeland of our being.

Worlds overgrown, active and optimistic, lakes had, since antiquity, an important place in the lives of both people and their gods. In the noble Kastoria, the peculiarities of Lake Orestiada led the people who live from it to build their own type of boat, the “Kastorian boat”. A look at the history of this unique

Theo, my neighbor

Theo stays by the sidelines. He enjoys isolation. He chooses to live in his own, distinct rhythm. She dreams of finding the same man.

The Weapons of the Struggle – Women In Arms

Although their contribution was hushed up by historiography, Greek women went beyond a series of stereotypes to support the Revolution of 1821. So what was the position of women in the society of revolutionary Greece? And how did education, social class and even place of residence determine the way and degree of their involvement in


A group of refugees leaves their homeland, trying in every way to cross the international borders, seeking safety. A journey of “life and death” for those who have lost everything, a journey that forces them to face a reality that they did not choose themselves.

Icy Problems

When the snow-mining machines arrive to make frozen drinks, a bear is not at all happy with this situation and decides to act. But it will face the consequences of corruption and impunity.

Ancient Greek Technology – The Automatics

Today, technology dominates our lives, while machines are replacing more and more human tasks. As an idea, however, automation was born in Ancient Greece and the peaks of Olympus. Through interviews with experts, the documentary highlights highlights highlights of antiquity, when the inventions of the Greeks laid the foundations for the development of modern technology.

The Battle of Nafpaktos

16th century. The unstoppable Ottoman fleet conquers one after the other the areas around the Mediterranean, causing concern in the Western world. When Cyprus falls in 1570, the glass overflows. Thus, on October 7, 1571, the divided Christian forces of Europe united under the Pope to halt the course of the Ottomans in a war

The Journey With

An actress is standing at a train station. A cat falls from the sky with a surgical parachute mask. What a mysterious encounter!

The White Disease

The “White Plague”, a deadly leprosy-like disease that mainly affects people over 50 years of age, it destroys the world. Doctor Galen, an isolated doctor who has dedicated his life to the poor, finds a cure. But refuses to share his cure with the rich and the powerful, unless one condition is met – eternal

Speak now

The film presents the issue of bullying and the ways in which the phenomenon manifests itself, the behavior of the abuser and the feelings of the victim.

The Distance

A pair of youngsters are forced to separate because of the distance that was necessarily created due to the pandemic and the quarantine. Based on true events.


Fly was hand-drawn frame by frame in a simple school notebook and a paper plate. It is a film with an abstract theme and without a specific script. It was created by 10 students under the supervision of animation teacher Tehzeeb Khurana and the support of Toon Club.

Politically Correct

Rising and innovative, Alexandros Dimopoulos, a politician of the new generation and an amateur painter, tries in every way to capture the “perfect red” in order to continue his philanthropic work.

Feel Your Heartbeat: The Film

Feel Your Heartbeat: The Film is the first documentary that addresses the deep roots of house music, along with its cultural history and its evolution in Greece. From the underground parties of 1989 to the economic crisis in Greece, but also the era of Covid.

Marika… why be afraid?

During the 5th day of the Battle of Crete, on Saturday, May 24, 1941, three German soldiers passed through Kakopetros, a village near Chania. They approached the house of Antonis Loufardakis. Unnecessarily, they broke into the house and executed with their automatic weapons five women and a two-year-old child. The then five-year-old Marika, saw everything


During a pandemic, a granddaughter has daily phone calls with her isolated grandmother. Until grandma stops answering.

Free to Fly

Perry and Linda are deeply in love and live happy quiet lives. They live in a small, calm community until some strangers invade it and turn it upside down. Perry ends up in a foreign land far from his soul-mate, immersed in pain and grief.

On the Balkan front (Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey) during the Great War, events unknown to the general public took place, which played an important role in the evolution of the war and the formation of the final result. Stories of boldness and bravery that were recorded as legends by the first aviators of the warring

The Doctor and The Prince

The German Red Cross in the Third Reich.