Nat Birchall is one of the most important representatives of the British Jazz scene. Kostas Voultsidis is the initiator of Duende Jazz Bar in Larissa in 2009. The documentary traces their paths and focuses on the creation of the landmark album titled ‘Nat Birchall Quintet: Live In Larissa’, but also on the deep human relationship


Too Late

The toxic relationship with her father forces Eddie Sejwick to find love far away from home. Eddie meets Andy Warhol and begins to lose touch with reality.

The Weavers

In 1963, the Swedish humanitarian organization IM founded in Vlasti, a mountain village in the prefecture of Kozani, a model weaving center. For twenty-five years this intercultural project will support the women of the community.


Before it could heal the wounds of the decade-long economic tragedy, Greece was called upon to deal with the biggest health crisis in recent history. Against the backdrop of the broken public health system, the eminent protagonists of the pandemic management are entangled with the stories of its unsung heroes.


Rethymnon carries history. Venetian and Turkish decorations. A city with tradition. But there is another side of the city: the dark side. A journey to the darkest historical events, myths and legends of the city of Rethymno, on the island of Crete. Stories are real, others only imaginary. Others with elements of both. Stories, events

Let’s go for Beers!

Many times we wonder about what kind of person is the one who is in the next apartment. The deliveras comes to show it to us and lead us along with his beers to one of the jobs he usually undertakes.

World Cup

In 1986, during the World Cup, Giannis, a conservative man with right-wing beliefs and his brother Antonis, with Communist principles, prepare to see the historic football match Between the Soviet Union and Belgium.

Sky Sun, Tile Sun

After bombardments in the sun, the paved wall dissolves and everything around gets dark. People are helping each other to build a new sun for their city. Understanding and cooperation will bring the light back to their city.

The Unknown Athenians

Six years of observing the life of stray dogs in the center of Athens and the people who care for them.

The Journey of askavlos

Askaulus, the ancient Greek bagpipes, is revived in the hands of musicians who keep an ancient tradition alive. The instrument slowly but surely finds its way to the city, where contemporary musicians bring it to the contemporary music scene.

The History of the Popular Sanatorium of Asvestochori

The theatrical performance “Not a Single Breath Lost” becomes a narrator of the story of the popular hospital Sanatorium of Asvestochori, where thousands of tubercles were hospitalized and thousands died without anyone looking for them. People who were cured recount their experience.

The Trace of Time

The trace of time is a film about time, memory, nostalgia. A film about the charm of archaeology and excavation, through the post mortem portrait of the archaeologist Yannis Sakellarakis.


PSG are looking for their lost son in Athens. This quest will lead her on a journey through the dark alleys of the city but also in the depths of her own self.

Zeibekiko of Beirut

On August 4, 2020 at 18:10 there was a deadly explosion in the Lebanese capital. Over 200 innocent civilians were killed either in their homes or in their cars. Amid all this, the tragedy of a small community of Beirut Greeks.

The World’s Greatest Home

Two children with a completely different past meet and create a wonderful world together.

Unter Menschen

Eda and Egon imagined their groom completely different. At least less striped and woolly. In addition to the prejudices during their dinner at the restaurant, daughter Oona and her future husband have to deal with other situations.


The true story of a young immigrant who is forced to flee away from his loved ones and Albania in search of a better life outside the borders of his country.

The Life jacket

A young and ambitious shopkeeper in the center of Athens seems to have aspirations and dreams for a rich life. But all his efforts and dreams are at stake from the economic crisis that is coming.


The table under the carob tree in the house of Nikos Koundouros is every night a point of reference for his friends. A pulpit of deposition of the inner souls of all “believers”, an opportunity to meet with the “god”. Everything has a reason that happens in the world of Nikos, even the rustling of